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Infant Care

infant Class

Our focus areas in this class are:

  • Providing secure attachment through primary care groups

  • Stimulating development through sensory experiences, new sounds, physical touch, and plenty of talking and singing

  • Stimulating physical development through tummy time and crawl time

  • Helping children develop fine motor skills by playing with toys, reading books, and feeding themselves when they are able

Toddler Care
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Pre-toddler class

Our focus areas in this class are:

  • Encouraging linguistic development and encouraging new and varied

  • Encouraging children to use their words and vocalize their wants and needs

  • Providing opportunities for solo play and group play

  • Allow children room to explore and engage in new experiences, inside and outside the classroom

  • Helping children develop fine motor skills through manipulating cutlery, drinking from a cup, reading books, and playing with toys such as manipulatives, blocks, and puzzles

toddler class

Our focus areas in this class are:

  • Working with children to help them create healthy relationships with their peers through taking turns, engaging in dramatic play scenarios, and giving the children ample time for free play

  • Working with children toward becoming potty trained

  • Helping children develop gross motor skills through climbing, running, jumping, skipping

Preschool Care
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preschool Class

Our focus areas in this class are:

  • Encouraging children to explore their individual identity

  • Cultivating social skills through large group circle time, group activities and experiments, and encouraging children to refer to each other by name

  • Developing fine motor skills through sensory play, learning to cut
    with scissors, tracing and/or writing their name, and learning to tie their shoes

  • Fostering social-emotional skills through identifying emotions, naming and talking about feelings, and creating an environment of acceptance

Before & After School Care
Summer Camp

School-age programs

For school-age children up to age 12, we offer:

  • Before-school care

  • After-school care

  • Summer camp

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